Basic Guidelines


Reduction and correct disposal of any waste


Reduction of energy


Manage and work to environmental guidelines


Reduction of degradation of surface when cleaning


Reduction of risk


Sustainable Cleaning Solutions will actively reduce and where possible eliminate the release of any pollutant material that may cause environmental damage to the atmosphere, water and land which in turn reduces the effect on all animals and humans.

Sustainable Cleaning Solutions are continually designing products that rate at readily biodegradable standards which in turn minimises the effect on the following areas, greenhouse effect, ozone layer depletion, and surface degradation. .

Successes To Date

Sustainable Cleaning Solutions has researched and developed over 40 products that are continually replacing the old style petroleum base cleaners

Sustainable Cleaning Solutions have no CFC products and many of our disinfectants include new less hazardous technology.

Sustainable Cleaning Solutions continues to rely less on phosphates and our greener choice range of products are all phosphate free and readily biodegradable to the Australian Standard.

Sustainable Cleaning Solutions has now developed far safer water purifiers and sanitisers that are extremely lower in hazards and far safer to use.

Sustainable Cleaning Solutions products have a defined dilution rate and usage at this rate will complete the clean and reduce the amount of product required.

Our forward planning is also a key performer in reducing water and power usage by insuring where possible we make only one batch per month than possibly doing 2 or 3 times the same product.

Sustainable Cleaning Solutions and its manufacturing arm continue to expand into recycling packaging where ever possible. This has resulted in a drum collection program where we recycle drums at our recycling wash plant. Approximately 80% of our 200lt and 1000lt containers are recycled.

Sustainable Cleaning Solutions manufacturing partner collects up to 80000 thousand litres of rain water (when possible) for use in its manufacturing. Our plant also has a water recycling plant of our own where wash water can be treated and to reduce the usage of fresh water.

Sustainable Cleaning Solutions continue to develop cleaning product that effectively clean in low temperatures while still achieving sanitation and acceptable cleaning standards. This obviously assist our customers in reducing their own energy amounts which in turn benefits all.

The key of using sustainable cleaning solutions is the reduction of risk and the quality of information all our customers receive. We at SCS ensure our customers see all the options and understand the benefits, features and spend whilst using SCS as a supply partner.

At SCS all manufacturers’ legal requirements are fulfilled and supplied to assist in reducing risks for the end users as well as the distribution networks of SCS. documentation such as risk assessments; cleaning procedures; coloured product charts; SDS sheets; product data sheets; qualified Cert 4 trainer; product usage charts; emergency response charts; internal audits assistance; designed around your facility plus product development specific to your needs are available.

New technology is not necessary more expensive and sometimes old technology will do. SCS will explain why and the benefits and features of both. Clarity, knowledge and informative conversations are the key to building honesty and integrity to any partnership. SCS will keep you informed and then with this knowledge good business decisions are generally made.